These are some common Solids Technology Products we can assist your company in purchasing and, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions. We’re happy to help.

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Solids Technology LLC. proudly represents Eriez Manufacturing for Magnetic Separation, Metal Detection, and complementary Material Handling equipment. Eriez is the World Authority in Magnetic Separation Technology, used in almost all industries from light to heavy duty. Industries such as food, pharmaceutical, plastics, chemical, aggregates, recycling, and mining all have a use for magnetic separation and metal detection technologies for process purity.

Eriez offers a wide range of magnetic separation equipment technologies to solve the tramp metal problems in your process, utilizing low intensity and high intensity magnetic fields based on the application:

  • Magnets for light duty projects include; Grate Magnets, Plate Magnets, Liquid Trap Magnets, and Tube Magnets in many different sizes and housings to fit within your process.
  • Magnets for heavy duty projects include; Suspended Electromagnets, Suspended Permanent Magnets, Magnetic Head Pulleys, and special Magnets for hazardous locations.
  • Magnets to concentrate and classify include; Magnetic Mill Liners, Mill Trunnion Magnets, Wet Magnetic Drums, and Dry Magnetic Drums for mining and mineral processing, to Eddy Current Separators and large Drum magnets for Recycling and scrap yards.
  • The Metal Detector for Food and Pharma light industry is the Eriez Xtreme. The Eriez Xtreme Metal detector has models for tunnel and conveyor applications, liquid line applications, Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) applications, and Tablet Press applications. The user-friendly and intuitive touch screen HMI control panel is easy to set-up and packed with numerous features, becoming a customer favorite for ease of use.

Solids Technology Products: CONVEYORS

Conveyors are used to move any dry material, powder, flake or granular product used in a process. Solids Technology proudly represents many different manufacturers of conveying equipment for bulk, solid dry materials. We have lines for light-to-medium duty, and we also have lines for heavy duty conveying.

Screw Conveyors (Light duty to heavy duty)
  • Screw Conveyors are a common method of conveying a variety of bulk materials, and are used in countless applications. Their main function is material transfer from one point to another. They are typically a cost-effective and efficient method of conveyance and require minimal maintenance for operation
    • Shafted
    • Shaftless
    • Flexible
Belt Conveyors (Light duty to heavy duty)
  • Belt Conveyors are another common method of conveying a variety of bulk materials. Ideal for short and long distances, the bulk materials stay stationary on a belt, and accommodate larger particle/lump sizes. Belt conveyors can convey material horizontally or on an incline.
    • Heavy Duty Conveyors are for Mining and aggregates.
    • Light Duty Conveyors are for Warehouse and Distribution.
    • There are many belt types available: Sanitary, High Temperature, Pocketed as well as Flex-Wall.
Vibratory Conveyors (Light duty to heavy duty)
  • Vibratory Conveyors are designed with appropriate amplitude, frequency, and angle of deflection in order to move materials. Ideal for typically difficult to convey materials, and applications where the unit is cycled frequently. Vibratory conveyors are also good for picking, inspecting, and other similar process along the length of the conveyor.
    • We have many options for scalping, check-screening, de-watering, as well as dust control.
    • Longer lengths are practical.
    • Many different troughs are available such as: Sanitary, Abrasive, Flat as well as Tubular.
Vacuum Conveyors/Dosing Conveyors (Light duty to heavy duty)
  • Vacuum Conveyors use a vacuum to move material in a closed stream. They are used where ease-of-access to equipment is limited as well as in flexible installations where vertical, horizontal, and around corners are required. Clean-In-Place and Tool-less disassembly make the modular vacuum conveyors ideal for dosing and batch feeding where the continuous process requires consistent and repeatable fills, such as stick-pack and weigh-packing equipment.
    • Lean, Dense, and Plug flows in a dust-free stream.
    • Segregation free powder conveying.
    • Pneumatic only styles available, or Electric regen blowers.
    • Pharma hygienic and EXPF styles available.
Pneumatic Conveyors (Light duty to heavy duty)
  • Pneumatic Conveyors are similar to vacuum conveyors, but are designed for longer distances, and can be constructed as vacuum (negative) or pressure (positive) systems, depending on the material. They are ideal for dusty or toxic materials requiring closed-loop systems, or longer distances requiring flexible installations (vertical, horizontal, and around corners)
    • Continuous conveying
    • Single/Multiple collection points, Single/Multiple destination points
    • Air Pollution/Emissions Control and Dry Sorbent Injection via pneumatic conveying
Drag Conveyors (Typically medium to heavy duty)
  • Tubular Drag Conveyors consist of a chain and flight pocket assembly ‘dragged’ through an enclosed tubular casing via a sprocket drive.  Tubular Drag conveyors are ideal for friable, abrasive, or easy-to-compact materials that are challenging to other forms of conveyance.  The material deposits into ‘pockets’ and provides gentle handling of the material.
    • Low Horsepower configuration
    • Customizable leg lengths and bend angles
    • Eliminates the need for multiple conveyors
  • En Masse Drag Conveyors are typically straight-line, heavy-duty, large-volume conveyors.  Ideal for high-temperature material and size-to-capacity ratio, the compact design of the Drag Conveyor moves material by chain and paddles.
    • Flat and Round bottom available
    • Multiple Inlets and Outlets available
Specialty Conveyors  (Light duty to heavy duty)
  • Specialty Conveyors can be designed for unique and specific applications, based on the customer’s material needs.  We can determine if a Specialty conveyor is required for your project, based on your experience or past failures, we will discuss and propose the proper conveyor for you.
    • Roller/Gravity Conveyors
    • Chain Conveyors
    • Slat Conveyors
    • Belt-In-Tube Conveyors
    • Many more!

Solids Technology Products: FEEDERS

Feeders are similar to conveyors in that they move material, however feeders are used to meter material into a process at a given, consistent rate, such as pounds per minute or cubic feet per hour. Solids Technology LLC proudly represents many different manufacturers of feeding equipment for bulk, solid dry materials.

Feeders are designed to move materials Volumetrically or Gravimetrically.

  • Volumetric: by volume such as cubic feet per hour. The accuracy will vary by material. Expected accuracy will be +/-5%.
  • Gravimetric: by weight such as pounds per hour. The accuracy will vary by material. Expected accuracy will be +/-0.5%.


  • Screw Feeders (Light duty to Heavy Duty)
    • Screw Feeders are a common method of metering a variety of bulk materials, and are used in countless applications.  Their main function is material transfer at a consistent rate.  Screw Feeders are a common method of metering materials.
  • Vibratory Feeders (Light to Heavy Duty)
    • Vibratory Feeders are another way to meter a variety of bulk materials, and can be useful for varying product characteristics.  One fascinating use for Vibratory feeding is the ability to induce flow both horizontally and vertically.
  • Weigh Belt Feeders (Light to Heavy Duty)
    • Belt Feeders are yet another way to meter a variety of bulk materials, based on the characteristics of the material.  Belt Feeders are typically “short” belt conveyors used in conjunction with scales and controls.

Solids Technology Products: PACKAGING MACHINERY

These filling solutions are used to package predefined amounts of material or product into predefined containers. Light duty packaging machinery is most common in Food, Pharma, and Nutra industries. They are designed to increase production speed and improve uptime, with single units or full production lines.

  • Cup Fillers
  • Rigid Container Fillers
  • Auger Fillers
  • CheckWeighers

Heavy duty Packaging machinery is most common for larger package sizes, such as 50# to 150# bags, up to 2000# sacks for cement, sand, or corn, etc. and Includes:

  • Baggers
  • Bulk Bag (super sac) loading and unloading equipment
  • Robotic palletizers

Note that each filling solution is dependent on material characteristics and package sizes, small to large. Our list of successful installations and products continues to grow, from vitamin powders, Gummies and Cannabis, to cement, bird seed, and humates.

Solids Technology Products: LEVEL INDICATORS

Level Instruments are used to measure silo levels, monitor tank inventories, and perform bin measurements. Level Indicators have continuous or static point-level material measurement. Sensoring devices help to automate the monitoring of Flow detection and Dust detection. Inventory management software is available for the Cloud, WAN, LAN, and VPN.

  • Continuous level sensors reliably measure the level of material in a vessel in dusty and challenging environmental conditions, and diverse vessel shapes and heights.
    • Solids storage vessels:
      • Non-contact Radar
      • Laser
      • Contact cable-based
      • 3D Scanning
    • Liquid storage vessels: (Challenges such as steam, vapor, and foam can be overcome with the appropriate systems).
      • Radar
      • Ultrasonic

Solids Technology Products: Ovens

Solids Technology proudly represents a full line of Ovens, from Batch ovens to Enhanced Duty Walk-In ovens, to High Temperature Furnaces, Conveyor ovens, and Drum and Tote heaters.

  • Batch Ovens
    • Batch ovens can be constructed in various configurations to suit, with workspace dimensions from 8 c.f. to 2,400 c.f., with many standard sizes available. The ovens can be fired by Electricity, fuel, or thermal fluid heat, based on site specific requirements. Temperature uniformity is achieved by horizontal or dual air flow patterns, and NFPA 86 Class A designs are common. Aerospace, Composites, Heat Treating, and curing all common uses for Batch ovens. Enhanced duty Walk-in ovens and High Temperature furnaces are variations of Batch ovens.
  • Conveyor ovens
    • Conveyor ovens are utilized for continuous processes where a timed heat cycle or heat and cool cycle is integral to the process. All of the same configurations are available with a belt, chain, or powered roller conveyor through the oven.
  • Drum and Tote Heaters
    • Drum and Tote Heaters are a common solution for elevated temperature storage and heating. Available with many options for ramp/soak, data logging, timers, and controls to maintain temperature and data.